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Fantasy football trade?

Should I trade Lynch, Nicks, and Freeman for Vick, David Wilson, McFadden, and Bowe?


2 qbs, ppr, 2flex

Cam Newton




Aj green

V. Jackson

R. Wayne

H. Nicks

K. Rudolph



M. Bush

P. Rivers

J. Nelson

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    Give us the rest of your squad in additional details and we will comeback and tell you

  • josh
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    7 years ago

    I wish I knew the rest of your team.

    Freeman for Vick is a push since Vick never stays healthy, but Chip Kelly should rejuvenate him.

    Lynch/Nicks for Wilson/McFadden/Bowe:

    On paper it is a steal, but what worries me is that if Nicks stays healthy I don't think there is anyway that McFadden and Bowe produce enough consistently to make it worth while, plus McFadden will give you a few great weeks, some average and then sit on the bench hurt. Bowe will either do great or not show up at all, Wilson is the starter and a good pickup, but not if you give up Lynch.

    Id say don't do this trade because there is too much risk, if your team however is really bad I do it just to give yourself a chance for this year regardless of the peril.

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