5 Stars to best answer!!! What is a good name for my story?

What is a good name for my story?

It's about this dance boarding school, and everything that happens to the characters. Specially the main character who is the best dancer but has a bad attitude.

I have no Idea what to call it!!!!!

The girl's name is Kaitlyn "Kay" Braskov, and her best friend/roomate's name is Macey Warner.

It mostly revolves around how she loves dance, but there is that one thing hunts her. It's too easy for her so she just likes to go out with her skateboard, skip classes and stuff like that. Plus there is also all the drama about the dancer's competitive side

She used to go to a private school. Here is a little sneak peek I made.

Kaitlyn has a natural talent when it comes to dance. Her mother was a dancer so she has trained her whole life. When her mother thinks she is getting out of control, she decides to send her to a dance boarding school. What will happen when this rebellious dancer is forced to attend this school?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Dancing To My Own Tune? The Dancer?

  • Dante
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    8 years ago

    Dance With The Devil

    Dancing With Danger

    Tango With Rebellion

    The Dance's Rebellion

    The Rebel's Dance

  • 8 years ago

    Kay's Choice

    - OR-

    Freedom of Choice

    ....Because she doesn't have the choice of whether or not she want to go to the boarding school, but she does have the choice to decide how she will use the opportunity the school offers and to decide what she what talents and she wants to develop and how she wants to express her values -- or perhaps learn what her values truly are.

    It sounds like an interesting story. Good luck!

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