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Texas Motorcycles license only?

I am currently living in Austin, TX and I recently bought a motorcycle believing I could get a motorcycles only license... I have heard both yes and no answers.

I'm 21 and easily passed the adult drivers education course, no wrong answers. I understand road rules, I just have no experience in driving cars, only motorcycles. I've even taken and passed the Motorcycle Safety Course/written test, but the DPS told me a class M license is only an M endorsement on a regular cars license.

I would rather not take the time to perfect the drivers test just to drive a motorcycle I already know how to drive.

Are there any exceptions?

Even living in london I was allowed to have a motorcycles only license! Why not in America?

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    Find someone who knows the law at the DPS or go to a different office. The LAW:

    521.084. CLASS M LICENSE. A Class M driver's license authorizes the holder of the license to operate a motorcycle or moped.

    Sec. 521.122. ... <<You can have a class M license or an M endorsement on other class license >>

    Sec. 521.148. APPLICATION FOR CLASS M LICENSE OR AUTHORIZATION TO OPERATE MOTORCYCLE. ... The department may not issue an original Class M license or Class A, B, or C driver's license that includes an authorization to operate a motorcycle.... << means that allows a motorcycle only license>>

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    Sorry guy, looks like they were right. Read the last part.

    Found this:


    The operator of a motorcycle on a public highway must hold a valid motorcycle license (Class M driver license). This requirement also applies to operators of motor-driven cycles and mopeds.

    To receive a license to operate a motorcycle, applicants must pass a written test covering traffic laws pertaining to motorcycles and a road test. The road test may be waived.

    An applicant (must be age 16 or older) who has passed a Department of Public Safety approved Basic Motorcycle Operator Training Course, and has an unrestricted (not an instructional permit) Class A, B, or C license, can present an MSB-8 completion certificate or a completion card from a course meeting Motorcycle Safety Foundation curriculum standards.

    As a side note...could you get an International license that states you have a motorcycle license? May be able to use that.

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    According to this website it seems you can get an M only license. But you still need to meet all the requirements of a regular drivers license. I really think you need to talk to someone at the Texas DMV . . .

    I'm not sure why you don't want to get a regular license. It isn't that hard.

    And every state is different in regards to licenses just like countries. Just because you can do something in London doesn't mean you can do it in America . . .

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    I believe the examiner was wrong, you are allowed only one license regardless of type, if you qualify for a bike license you can get a car endorsement or a CDL. I had my bike license a year before I got a car license. Tell the desk clerk you want a license not an endorsement.

    Fort Worth

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    Suggest you to contact your nearest area dealer.

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