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I'm tired of people talking about me?

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    7 years ago
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    First of all, is this a question or a statement?

    Second, speaking from life experiences, it never gets old. People are going to talk about you the rest of your life. There are some things that you need to consider.

    1. What are they saying?

    2. Are you giving them a reason to say?


    3. Are you willing to change for them to stop talking about you?

    If you are in Middle school they will forget about it by freshmen year.

    If you are in high school, you will soon graduate and you can forget them all (that is what I did).

    If you are in college, again, you will graduate soon and forget them all!

    If you are in the real world, you can move, you can get a new job, you can stop doing whatever they are talking about and/or you can just suck it up and accept it as a fact of life. I have put up with people talking about me for over 20 years and I accept it and I move on with life. Those people can only control you if you let them control you and in letting the manipulate your emotions because they are talking about you, you are giving them enough control to ruin your life. Don't give in.

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    And your question is?

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