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Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison?

Creepy or sweet? And why...

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    CREEPY. if you think it's sweet you have problems

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    Creepy. Poor poor Courtney was really born into the wrong family with her deranged fame obsessed mother pretty much marrying her off to the richest man she could find.

    The story is that Courtney has always been this way- completely false. If you look at pictures of her before she found 'love' with Doug, her outfits are completely toned down, she's not pulling the faces or pouting like she does now. She's not wearing stripper heels and wearing next to nothing. And I think it's so sad how she has been manipulated to sexualize herself in almost everything. Even her photoshoot with her mother when she was pretending to bake a cake was completely insane. Any normal person would not dress in such skimpy clothing with their mother around.

    Why else. She doesn't seem nearly as in love with Doug as he is with her. And she's young enough to be his daughter! Whenever he embraces her she only feigns romance if the cameras are around. Otherwise she doesn't seem too interested.

    The sad thing is that she doesn't seem to have many friends. On her social media accounts she is always by herself, posing or playing with her dog. Not even her husband is around. Apart from that CREEPY Anna Nicole Smith inspired video where she literally acted like a cat and ate cat food for the whole thing, with her loving husband filming her..

    She didn't stand a chance growing up with a mother like she had. She's literally been used and abused and manipulated at every available opportunity. The sooner she ditches them the better- I believe she is a genuinely nice girl.

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    7 years ago

    Creepy. He's even older than her dad. She married him when she was 16 or 17. That's just creepy. It's even more weird that her parents even agreed to it.

    I don't even think she loves him. I think she married him for publicity and to get famous and money.

    Once he's like 60 she's not going to be attracted to him.They will be divorced soon.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think she is beautiful, but I cant understand how she wants to have sex with some old guy, when she can get a young hot guy. I wonder how long it will take before they split.

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  • Very sweet. She sees past his age, and they stay together even though a lot of people trash talk them.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    creepy - seems like a grandfather molesting a grandchild

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    7 years ago

    Gross. He's a dirty old man and she's just a twit who can't walk on those hooker heels without assistance.

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