Marketing or Environmental Engineering or Entrepreneur?

I am a graduate student in industrial engineering with a 3.00 GPA. I done a resaerch on Algae and biofuel which was incomplete due lack of knowledge in chemistry etc... now i am applying for a degree program in Cal Tech, Environmental Science and Engineering, My question is is this a good field? Or Marketing? I love marketing but i do not like working in banks etc..

I like to be more Entrepreneur who helps to improve business, I do have a certificate in SEO as well.

I also like research on Renewable Energy sources, any chance i can mix all of them together taking a degree program? Advice please!

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  • Simmi
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    7 years ago
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    With a degree in Industrial Engineering, it is better to specialize further in the same field or extend toward Environmental Engineering or even Energy Engineering.

    Going off to Marketing or Entrepreneurship would be inconsistent with your core qualifications (unless of course, you're looking for a complete 180-degree change in your career goals).

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