I am disabled and get Medicare part A and B. How would i go about getting dental?

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    you can look for a supplement that offers dental

    however, those can be very hard to find in my area, the ones that offered vision or dental cut those benefits out 3-4 years ago

    EDIT TO ADD: Medicare does not pay for regular dental -- they pay for dental ONLY when the dental work is a direct result of some other treatment (for example bone cancer of the jaw, the associated dental would be covered when the jaw was cut to get rid of cancerous tissues)

    you can read it for yourself here: http://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coverage/MedicareDenta...

    my "Plan C" used to cover $150 per year of dental... not even enough to cover xrays & cleaning once a year in my area... but enough to make it where I didn't have to pay more than $65 out of pocket to get 1 cleaning a year

    this same plan covered up to $100 per year towards eye exams

    they discontinued the dental & the vision @ 3 years ago.. even when they doubled the premium in the same year they discontinued these services

    Because I am not yet 55, I am not eligible for any of the supplements that many disabled/retired people in my area rely on & I am not eligible for AARP (although I think getting dental through them is a great recommendation for those who qualify)

    I only have 2 choices, both are Plan C.... one of them is not accepted by any of my doctors, the other is... obviously, I chose the one that my doctors accept

    ---- it really will depend on what is available to you in your area

    EDIT TO ADD: Some dental schools are free or cheap... it isn't that way in our area

    our local uni dental school charges $80 for the appointment. What they do for the appointment is xrays. Then you pay extra for any services. To get my teeth cleaned at the local dental school, I was quoted $150 & they would apply that $80 if I got it done the same day.

    there is a dental hygienist school at the community college. They charge $65 for the appointment & do xrays, They will do cleaning for another $35 if this is all you need done. If you need more dental work than just a cleaning they refer you to the Uni & will give you copies of xrays

    we have a low-income clinic that charges $65 for the appointment & "evaluation" but charge additional amounts for xrays & whatever other services. They won't even clean your teeth without doing at least bite-wing xrays. The quote to have appointment, bitewing & cleaning was $175

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    As already mentioned, some Medicare Advantage plans (Medicare Part C) will have some dental included or as an option. What is available will depend on your situation and location. As an option there will be an additional premium, even if the Medicare Advantage plan has a $0 premium. If you are low income some plans will have $1500 to $2000 worth of dental coverage at no additional charges.

    Stand-alone dental is an option, but be aware that there are waiting periods before you receive full benefits. One advantage with some dental plans is you can visit any dentist. I find Delta plans through AARP to be expensive compared to other plans, although the United Healthcare Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Supplements through AARP are very reasonable and very good plans.

    The Affordable Care Act will not include dental. However, some companies are offering dental both on and off the exchange but even if you'd qualify for the medical subsidy there will not be any subsidy available with dental.

    Dental discount cards are an option, and you don't have a waiting period.

    Students at dental schools are supervised by a dentist as they're working on you. The cost at a school is often about half of what your local dentist charges, and you don't have a premium to pay. You can find the nearest school here: http://www.yourhealthplanadvisor.com/Dentalschools...

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    Perhaps dental will be offered Jan, 2014 when most of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act goes into effect. I have Medicare but because I also have Delta Dental I haven't paid attention so I don't really know if Medicare will be expanded to include dental.

    There are many dental insurances out there - I got Delta Dental via AARP and it costs me about $55 a month - it's probably more if you get it on your own.

    I suggest two things: 1) Search and see if Medicare will be expanded to include dental and 2) If not, search for dental insurances, compare them and enroll in whichever is the most affordable with the most coverage for you.

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    Buy dental. (Yes, Medicare covers $200 in dental a year, but only for check ups and teeth cleaning. What it covers is eaten up by the first visit to the dentist just to tell what problem you have. It also covers hospitalization to some extent, once the abscesses cause other health problems, like a heart attack, but "covers" only means you have to pay 20% instead of 100%.) I also don't recommend buying dental either, considering dental plans need to make money, which means you're paying for everything you need and then some.

    There are no good solutions. We keep trying to save for dental needs, but, by the time we save for one problem, two others have shown up.

    Added: It may be that Medicare no longer covers the whopping $200 (which isn't much), but it used to. I don't know which Part, but I never had Part C, and did used to get the first $200 covered for check-ups and Xrays.

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    Talk with Social Services. My state just recently came up with a one time program every 5 years I think it is. Check with Social Services. They will tell you. ALSO google free dental in your state. Many have this org that gives a one time dental thing as well. I wish I could remember the web sight...sorry I can't. But google it

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    There is no dental paid by the government unless you have Medicaid and in many states only children are covered. You have to find a county dental clinic and pay lower fees.

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