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these doctors, heh???

what's your take on dr p who is very racist and would say to someone... "so.... heehhhh??? youuuu.... theenk that you can cre-aaaate. something that's better than what ... ermmm.... westeners and people from our caste can make. hmm?"

or would have a loud conversation with a colleague outside "so what's more likely, that somebody like him who is.... ermmm.... be very kay-pabl, or he is just delusional, huh?"

or in the workplace, hardly interacting with those filipino nurses and whenever they walk past by him in the halls, his eyes would dart to the side, as the sight of a lower individual would be too unsightly.

or would only on a trip in asia with his family in singapore, hong kong, korea or japan. and tell his kids "see..., huh?? THESE peopl, they are like ourselves! they are not westeners, but they are the only ones like us that can do what westeners could do". no, really...

i guess his wife is just happy that their kids took more after her than her horrific husband.

well, i don't have anything against dr k, as of the moment... he doesn't speak much and didn't work in sherbrooke long enough. all the interaction i had with him is when he looked me down as i took the pills.


i guess it's ok for the fraser health to keep these men in their employ. wonder how much tension is there with them and the people working with them knowing what they did.

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