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Suggest boy and girl names?

Could you give up with a few names for both genders for these cliched romance story themes? This is for a school project.

Middle Ages(Knight in shinig armour/damsel in distress)-

Wild west-

Modern day high school-

1950's bad boy/good girl-

Thank you!

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    Middle Ages:

    Tristan and Isolde

    Lancelot and Guinevere

    Boys: Arthur, Bartholomew, Bruce, Galahad, Percival, Reginald, Richard, Robert, Roland

    Girls: Agnes, Beatrice, Eleanor, Griselda, Margery, Matilda, Millicent, Rosalind, Wilhelmina

    Old West:

    Boys: Ace, Amos, Ashley, Brandt, Brett, Butch, Cassidy, Gene, Grant, Hank, Jasper, Jesse, Jim, Levi, Mallory, Maverick, Nate, Tex, Zeke

    Girls: Annie, Cheyenne, Eliza, Ellen, Emmaline, Gladys, Harriet, Laura, Lottie, Mabel, Naomi, Sadie, Susannah, Tallulah, Willa, Winona


    Boys: Adam, Andrew, Austin, Brandon, Cory, Evan, Jordan, Justin, Logan, Mark, Nick, Ryan, Tyler, Zach

    Girls: Abigail, Amber, Ashley, Brittany, Emily, Jennifer, Jessica, Madison, Megan, Nicole, Rachel, Sarah


    Boys: Billy, David, Dean, Donald, Jack, Jerry, Harry, Howard, Martin, Pamela, Ralph, Roger, Roland, Roy, Sam, Tom, Walter

    Girls: Barbara, Betty, Diane, Doris, Dorothy, Elaine, Ethel, Irene, Janet, Jean, Joan, Joyce, Judith, Liz, Lois, Lucy, Mary, Nancy, Ruth, Sally, Shirley

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