What would be the yield of a bomb that creates a 2000ft wide crater?

I'd say maybe around 4 or 5 megatons. What do you guys think?

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    6 years ago
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    high explosives, and thermonuclear bombs would not do that. experiments by the AEC showed that small neuclear explosions did not leave a crater. The effect is called "retarc" or reverse crater and the left an example in the Nevada test range. high explosive create shear energy and as such do not "push" the ground. the Dam Buster bombs used in WW2 were designed to create cracks in the structure with the high explosive. failure of the dam would come through erosion as water flushed through the cracks.

    you would need a low explosive like ammonium nitrate to "heave" the ground over such a large area, and you would used depleted uranium to make the nose cone dense enough to penetrate to a depth underground to "tamp" the explosion. 10 tons should do the trick.

    Source(s): basic military engineering
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