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how would you describe tally's personality in the "Uglies"?

and plz give me evidence


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    Tally Youngblood is a "teenage ugly" in the novel Uglies. In this soceity, everyone normal is considered ugly. At the age of 16, every teenage ugly undergoes the Operation. The Operation is a surgery that makes an Ugly inccrediably beautiful. All Tally wishes to be is a Pretty. In the beginning of the book, Tally's best Friend Peris has the operation since he was 3 months older than Tally. So while she waits for her birthday she makes friends with Shay, another Ugly who has the same birthday as her. The two become best of friends. Shay keeps dropping hints on her wanting to stay ugly and to run away from the city and go to the smoke. The smoke is were her friend David lives in the wild. The idea is repulsing to Tally and she doesn't think much of it until Shay accually disapears the night before the Operation. Special Circumstances is called in and forces Tally to go find the smoke or she is threatened to never turn pretty. Tally starts on a long journey to the Smoke and falls in love with their ways. Tally's pendant (given to her by special circumstances) has a locator device and Tally throws it into the fire, not wanting to side with the pretties. The next day special Circumstances shows up at the smoke despite Tally's attempts to keep it a secret. Tally could be considered the rescuer in this Book.

    Tally Youngblood first appears in Uglies as a fifteen-year-old Ugly waiting for her sixteenth birthday. After she becomes a "Pretty", she will be able to continue to spend time with her best friend, Peris. Tally tries to do the right thing and help the people around her but is often caught up by past mistakes that lead people to resent her and makes Tally resent herself. She tries her best to make up for those mistakes so she can do right by her friends and love-interests but circumstances often intervene, causing more mistakes, leaving her tormented and full of self-loathing. In particular, she regrets her betraying the Smoke and her best friend Shay.


    Tally undergoes many changes throughout the series, primarily in appearance and personality. Each changes according to her status as an Ugly, Pretty, or Special. As an Ugly, Tally is rebellious but carefree, save for her anxiousness about the inevitable operation. As a Pretty, Tally is vapid and shallow, side effects of the lesions. As a special, Tally's appearance change from her prettiness to cruel beauty, strong reflexes, enhanced senses, and a series of flash tattoos all over her body.


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