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? asked in SportsBaseball · 8 years ago

What teams won the WS even though they've had a reduction of wins the previous year?

Example in 2021 Team X was 94-68 and won the division but was eliminated in the LCS. In 2022 Team X was 89-73 and won the 2nd wild card but was able to survive the playoffs and win the World Series.

Which WS Champ had the biggest slide from the previous year? Teams winning shortened seasons because of strikes are not eligible for this "honor."


Should be" reductions of wins from the previous year"

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    The Yankees have done it A LOT...

    1969/1970 Baltimore Orioles- 109-53, lost the World Series to the Mets, then 108-54 and beat the Reds.

    1915/1916 Boston Red Sox- 101-50 and beat the Phillies in the World Series, then 91-63 and beat the Brooklyn Robins [Dodgers]

    1906/1907/1908 Chicago Cubs- Set MLB record with 116-36 record, upset by the "Hitless Wonders" Chicago White Sox, then 107-45 and beat the Tigers, then 99-55 and beat the Tigers again.

    1975/1976 Cincinnati Reds- 108-54 won WS vs. Red Sox, then 102-60 and beat the Yankees in the WS.

    1934/1935 Detroit Tigers- 101-53, lost Series to Cardinals; 93-58, got revenge on the Cubs

    1962/1963 Los Angeles Dodgers- 102-63, lost tiebreaker series to Giants; 99-63, swept the Yankees

    1927/1928 New York Yankees- 110-44, swept the Pirates; 101-53, swept the Cardinals

    1937/1938 New York Yankees- 102-52, beat the Giants; 99-52, swept the Cubs. [They played 157 games both seasons]

    1942/1943 New York Yankees- 103-51, lost to the Cardinals; 98-56, beat the Cardinals

    1951/1952 New York Yankees- after two 98-56 seasons [1950, 1951] winning the Series both times, the Yanks went 95-59 and won yet again.

    1957/1958 New York Yankees- 98-56, lost to the Milwaukee Braves; 92-62, beat the Braves

    1961/1962 New York Yankees- 109-53, beat the Reds; 96-66, beat the Giants

    1998/1999/2000 New York Yankees- 114-48, swept the Padres; 98-64, swept the Braves; 87-74, beat the Mets

    1910/1911 Philadelphia A's- 102-48, beat the Cubs; 101-50, beat the Giants

    1929/1930 Philadelphia A's- 104-46, beat the Cubs; 102-52, beat the Cardinals

    1971/1972 Oakland A's- 101-60, lost in the ALCS; 93-63, beat the Reds

    1973/1974 Oakland A's- 94-68, beat the Mets; 90-72, beat the Dodgers

    1988/1989 Oakland A's- 104-58, lost to the Dodgers; 99-63, beat the Giants (then won 103 games and lost the Series again)

    1904/1905 New York Giants- 106-47, refused to play World Series; 105-48, beat the Philadelphia A's

    1921/1922 New York Giants- 94-59, beat the Yankees; 93-61, swept the Yankees

    2005/2006 St. Louis Cardinals- 100-62, lost NLCS to Astros; 83-78, set record for Series-winner with fewest wins by beating the Detroit Tigers

    1992/1993 Toronto Blue Jays- 96-66, beat the Braves; 95-67, beat the Phillies.

    So by my count, that's 24 times, with the Yankees doing it eight times, and the A's five times.

    Edit: I forgot to check, but the 2005/2006 Cardinals have got to be the record for biggest drop (17 games). Second is 1998/1998 Yankees, 16 game drop (114 to 98). They dropped 27 games from 1998 to 2000 and still won all three years.

    Special mention- the 1936 and 1937 Yankees both won 102, but lost 51 and 52, respectively. So they had a worse record technically. Same with the 1977/1978 Yankees, 100 wins each time.

    The 1963/1964 Cardinals both went 93-69, but they only made (and won) the Series the second time.

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