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Rate my draft, idk if i like havin 2 recievers from same team?

QB: Rodgers

WR1: Wes Welker

WR2: Anquan Boldin

WR3: Eric Decker

RB1: Matt Forte

RB2: Eddie Lacy

K: Greg Zuerlein

DEF: Tampa Bay


Alshon Jeffery

Tavon Austin

Eli Manning

Pierre Thomas

Malcom Floyd

Jermichael Finley

Antonio Gates

Jason Avant

Robbie Gould

Cleveland D

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    Reaching on Rodgers was definitely a mistake, you should have waited and grabbed someone in the middle rounds.

    Your QB position is set with Rodgers and Eli, but your WR's aren't great and your RB's are decent. You have one top RB in Forte who should serve you well, but although I think Lacy will be good, I'd want a higher end #2.

    The recievers are very underwhelming. Decker and Welker are both average to above average WR2's and Boldin is a below average to average #3. I'd probably prefer Austin as the #3 with Boldin off the bench.

    Also, despite the fact that you have so many backup slots, you only have one RB in Thomas who, although somewhat solid, has absolutely no upside unless both Sproles and Ingram get hurt. Even that would be fine if you just a few others instead of a backup defense and kicker. There are a lot of valuable handcuff guys who could be starting caliber if the back in front of them (many of whom are injury prone) goes down like Marcel Reece, Bilal Powell, Kendall Hunter, and Mike Tolbert.

    Not trying to be a hater, just trying to be honest so you can succeed in other leagues or next time.

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  • Mike
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    7 years ago

    Wow! That's a big bench! Assuming this is a 12 team league...

    Big Mistake early: You reached for Rodgers. You would be happier with your team had you waited on QB.

    At your spot, which I presume was at the end of the 1st round, you should have gone RB, RB or RB, WR in your league. That would have given you Forte, another low-end RB1, 1 low-end WR1 and a very solid WR2, OR Forte, a top 5 WR, Lacy, and a top 15 WR. In round 5, there should have been a quality WR3 like Decker out there, so you would have been great through your first 5. As a result of taking Rodgers early, you probably dislike your team quite a bit.

    My advice to you is to put Rodgers on the trading block. Look for someone that has a few stud WRs. See if you can get a top 5 WR (not named Thomas) and a top 12 QB like Russell Wilson for Rodgers and Welker. I think you will like your team more afterwards.

    I am not sure what's out there on the waiver wire, but I probably wouldn't even roster Floyd, Avant, or Gould. Drop all of those guys and attempt to trade Gates for a better TE without downgrading your starting lineup.

    Stay active on the waiver wire and you still have a shot at competing here! Don't give up!


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