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Would you want to do, Dentist or Army infantry officer+ Ranger school then become Dentist.?

First of all, Thank you for reading my question and your effort to help me with the question.

I am in ROTC program in my senior year, just came back from LDAC, AMEDDIP, and Pre-ranger school(passed it) in Fort Drum. By September 10th I am expected to pick either i will be picking

Ever since my high school years, when i couldn't fix my teeth due to financial situation, it has been my dream to become a dentist and provide dental care to those who have low income. In order to be that, I worked very hard in college to get into dental school:

Biomedical Science major with Japanese minor (In state university)

GPA:3.8 Science GPA:3.7

Research: For 1 year and did poster presentation in conferences

Shadowing hours: 220 hours

Working experiecne: Worked In KFC for one year,

Activities: ROTC, Pershing Rifles, Captain of Color guard team

DAT: didn't take one yet. Honestly i am not prepare for it yet and am planning to take one year off.

I would say I am good shape to get into dental school. However problem is this. as dentist you can help low income people and make a difference. This means, I want to be the person who can make difference to this world. I firmly believe that leadership is key to make a difference in people and change the world to positive direction. If i were to go become a infantry officer I will be going to ranger school "the best leadership school this country can offer" I have this opportunity to build leadership skills within me which will prepare me to do great things in the future. I can come back after four years and become a dentist. But once i become a dentist i won't have this chance ever again.

I have talked to numerous people and i have done pros and cons list. I think about this from moment i wake up and moment i go to sleep. Please do help with with this question i can provide you with extra information if you think that things above doesn't explain things properly.

Thank you!


Ok, This is response to Squid- I came here when i was 14 from south Korea. My grammatical skill is not good. I could say my English is not to standard yet. You can be reservist or national guard and go to dental school. It is just that you have chance to miss out HPSP scholarship or not. depending on if your commander allows you to go or not. HPSP= changing branch to medical.

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    I'm not sure why you would make up this long story, but it's clearly not true.

    - Your grammar is not that of a college senior.

    - If you were in ROTC, you would know that you cannot "take a year off" and then go be a dentist.

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    What you say doesn't sound true. First what type of ROTC. Secondly we in the military dont take a year off. We are Soldiers 24 x 7. ,365 days a year. Secondly have you talked toaRecruit because maybe the. Army will pay for it. Lastly I spent 20 years in the Army you do not sound like an infantry officer. Secondly. You said you were. In good shape good idnt enough have to be great.

    Source(s): 20 year Army, Vet Desert Storm
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