What do you think of when you here these names?

Eden Crystal Smith-Harley "Edie"

Edith Calista McCourt "Calista"

Ivy Lorraine Dean "Ivy"

Esme Tamara Crown "Essie"

Charlotte Tia Crown "Lottie"

Esme and Charlotte are twins, but not identical. They're all in Year 9, fourteen years old, English. They're fictional characters.

Could you possibly give what sort of personality they'd have and how'd they look?

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    8 years ago
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    Eden Crystal Smith-Harley: I picture long, thick ebony hair and green eyes, pale skin and 5'5 with a warm personality. She's not skinny or fit, she's not fat either though...somewhere in the realm of cuddly in a very pretty way. She's always calm and collected in the face of trouble and is easy to get along with. She's generally outgoing but feels the most connection with girls like Edith, even though she has alot of fun with girls like Ivy.

    Edith calista McCourt: Edith is kind of a straight laced kind of girl - skinny and with natural almost white-blonde hair with a long fringe that would always be in her eyes if it wasn't for her glasses. Not big thick glasses, but petite ones with a silver wirey frame. She's the introverted type but not shy - she'll stand up for herself or voice her opinion if needed and can be very stubborn at times.

    Ivy Lorraine Dean: She's the kind of girl who is always hearing her full name when her mother speaks to her. She's cheeky and likes to takes risks and have fun. She has shoulder length hair, layered into whispy bits that frame her face really well and show off the streaks of bright colour she has on the left side. She is a big ball of cheeky fun and effervescent energy.

    Esme & Charlotte are both the tall leggy types that everyone thinks could be models one day. Esme is the trouble-maker of the two. She's very extroverted and loves to go partying with the boys and generally be mischievious. Sometimes she takes it a little too far. Her side-kick is someone like Ivy who knows how to have fun but is slightly less daring than she is. Essie is usually the instigator of trouble and knows how to work her looks to get out of it. Charlotte is more into fitness and getting good grades, but in no way is she nerdy or boring. She still has fun with her friends and can be really outgoing if she wants to be, she just doesn't like getting in trouble so when her sister goes over-board, Charlotte is usually the one picking up the pieces or holding things together for their group of friends.


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