What is your favorite.........?


TV show?




Music genre?

Video game?

Gaming system?




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    7 years ago
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    1. Wilde

    2.Game of Thrones

    3. I've got way too many, or at least ones I couldn't choose from.

    4. Animaniacs

    5. Barnes and Noble, when they've got what I'm looking for. And even then, I can usually find some unexpected thing to make me happy.

    6. Any of 'em. I listen to classic rock often, but I like most any new music I hear.

    7. Portal 2

    8. I'm attached to the Xbox brand from my youth, though it's more the games that draw me in and not the machines.

    9. Again, too many to choose from. But my favorites as a whole are biographies, since I like to (pretend that I) know about people.

    10. Laughing at funny things, walking around town looking for adventures, and listening to music with a smile on my face.

    11. Cocoa or chocolate Ovaltine.

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    TV show?

    Actor? Jennifer Lawrence

    Cartoon? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spongebob

    Store? Depends on what I'm buying...but we have this small candy store chain where I live called "It's Sugar", that place is sweet (haha, play on words).

    Music genre? Pop, alternative, and some post-hardcore

    Video game? Mario

    Gaming system? Wii

    Book? the Percy Jackson series (the second one would be my favorite book)

    Pastime? Random video sprees on Youtube

    Beverage? Sprite

  • Movie ~ Practical Magic

    TV show ~ Don't have one.

    Actor ~ Sandra Bullock

    Cartoon ~ Don't have one.

    Store ~ The Wild Card

    Music genre ~ Don't have a favorite genre.

    (Favorite song - Some Kind of Wonderful ~ Grand Funk Railroad.)

    Video game ~ GTA San Andreas!!!!!!!

    Gaming system ~ PS2 & Super Nintendo

    Book ~ Don't have a favorite... There are TONS of good books.

    Pastime ~ Crocheting, drawing, reading, Y!A

    Beverage ~ Coffee w/ LOTS of french vanilla creamer.

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    Right now: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

    Arrested Development, Batman: The Animated Series, and Catfish

    Jason Bateman and Michael Cera

    Dexter's Laboratory

    Rue 21, Kohls, Forever 21

    Alternative-90's preferably

    Sims 2

    PS2-old I know lol

    Spirit Bound

    V8 Tropical

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    7 years ago

    Movie - wuthering heights

    Cartoon - dexter

    Store - walmart

    Music genre - hip hop

    Video game - gta

    Gaming system - xbox

    Book - harry potter

    Pastime - college time

  • Joanna
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    7 years ago

    Michael Jackson's private home movies

    Your face sounds familiar

    Koray Erkok

    (I don't watch cartoons)

    (I don't have one)


    (I didn't play video games)

    (I don't play games)

    The Treasure of Vagia

    Listening to music


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    Source(s): Universe Might Finish http://givitry.info/EndTimesProphecy/?41dt
  • sandie
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    7 years ago

    tv-antiques roadshow

    I drink tea

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