Which car manufactures better and reliable cars between between Toyota and Honda?

Thinking of buying a used car as my first car, whether 2005 accord or 2004 corolla

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  • 7 years ago

    Both manufacturers and both cars models have good reputations. But, each model year of any make has it's specific shortfalls. You should do a little research on a web sight like Edmunds.com to find out about the specific model. You should also get the Vehicle Identification Number for each car (which can usually be found at the bottom of the windshield on the driver's side of the vehicle. Researching that number can sometimes tell you if that particular vehicle has been in an accident. Finally, if you are not knowledgeable about cars, it would be advisable to take the car to a mechanic to have it inspected. You don't want to buy a car that needs a major repair.

  • Fasbo
    Lv 5
    7 years ago

    They both equally reliable

    Honda more fun to drive,easier to maintain and repair,cheapr to run.

    Pre 2000 civics are best (lighter, better suspension, better built.

    Iv had 3 toyotas (corrola,carina,camry) and 2 hondas (civics} and i much prefer hondas.

  • 7 years ago

    Both use a lot of GM parts, so just buy a Chevy instead. The odds are it will cost less to buy because of GM's perceived quality and it will be just as good.

  • 7 years ago

    personally I would go for the Honda, I have had a few and they have always been totally reliable, but both being Japanese they should both be good.

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