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I feel crazy. Can someone fake a hanging?

My best friend in the whole world hung/hanged himself two years ago. About 6 months prior he had moved from Florida where I live to Ohio where he died. Well me and him wrote back and forth emails almost the whole time. And one of the emails said " i can't talk about it right now, but if anything happens to me, don't worry, I'm fine" he wouldn't say anymore just said to keep it in the back of my mind. Anyways he is found about 500 miles from his house in Ohio, hung. The police said it was a "textbook suicide" they determined it was him by his ID. And he was cremated before anyone saw him. His parents didn't wanna see. And they told them to do the cremation before we could there. Me and him had been talking about moving out of the country and starting our lives over. And he always said he was going to get rich and come kidnap me. Anyways, also for about 3 months after his death I would get an email from his account with just a link, and every time the link would just send me to some dumb add. I just feel insane. Like I'm going crazy about it. No one saw the body. Why would he say something was going to happen to him but that he was fine? Did his email just coincidently get hacked right after he died... It seems like he faked it. But there had to be a body to cremate. I don't know. I just feel like I'm going crazy. I don't know what to do. I'm like obsesively looking up faking your death. And I obviously can't completely accept it, even after 2 years because everything technically points to it not being true. But there's no way. I don't know. I just need help. What do I do??? I've like completely become a recluse and never leave my house except work. Dropped out of college. Never go see my other friends. Nothing since he's died. And I can't accept it because I can't prove it's real. I don't know. Help!! And sorry this is so long

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    Sorry to tell u, it is almost impossible to fake your own death nowdays. The police and the coroner will not positively ID a body from just a photo ID.. They wont even release the body for cremation until they have a positive match. They would do fingerprints (if he has any on file) , they would definately get his dental records, which is just as good as a fingerprint, and possibly DNA, (especially if his parents didn't want to view the body). and if he had any tattoos or strange birthmarks they would check that also. The only way bodies really do get identified wrongly is if the family Confirms the identity and it's wrong (expl:someone gets beat to death&is unrecognizable to the parents). But in your friends case that couldn't have happened. I know that's not the answer u wanted, but it's the truth. I understand your feelings, I've had too many friends die, at souch a young age and a part of me wants to believe their alive out there somewhere. But I know theyre gone

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    hes dead. he obviously didnt literally mean he was 'fine' in the physical sense, he was just saying hes fine in the head and he didnt want his suicide to seem all sad and depressing. maybe it was a righteous suicide. but hes dead. please answer my question. i know its long but come on.

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