can you help me find an external Hard drive?

Im trying to find a sort of universal ex drive because though i have a gaming PC i don't have the largest HD and im loosing space for games with my movies and music and im having trouble, this is what im looking for

about 1 terabite

can be used with android tablet/ phone via plug in (to watch movies on it)

(optional) can connect via bluetooth/ wifi

Ive googled this to death and it's showing stuff not even related to what i've searched. does anyone know of any?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    May I offer another viable solution for your situation?

    You purchase a small (110GB SSD or Solid State Drive - they're incredibly fast), and store your operatiing system on here, which will make your computer load at warp speed. :D You then purchase one of these 1TB INTERNAL hard drives for games:

    and one of these external hard drives for all of your other things (movies, songs etc.):

    This way, you'll have a blisteringly fast PC with plenty of storage for games and a smaller external hard drive that you can connect to your mobile devices and such, for a relatively cheap price.

    BEAR IN MIND, you CAN add this 1TB internal hard drive to your PC; there's no need to remove the other hard drive from your computer, so you'll have an excessive amount of hard disk space on your computer subsequent this process. :D

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

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