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I left a tampon in for way too long! Help!?

I feel so stupid. I'm a 14 fourteen year old girl and have had my period for a while now. I know that you should never leave a tampon in for more than 8 hours. I think I left mine in for about 20-25ish hours! I guess I forgot to take it out when I put a new one in, so I had two in at once? I'm so scared I'm going to get tss or an infection. I don't have any symptoms, and I feel fine. Am I going to be okay?


6 put one in

Went to bed with pad

2 put 2nd in

6 took both out

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    Yes, you're probably going to be fine.

    The idea that TSS only occurs from leaving tampons in too long is an absolute myth, this increases risk of TSS however the fact is if the toxins responsible are present and you lack immunity they don't sit round waiting until X number of hours to take effect, the effect is immediate - most cases of TSS occur when the victim had only been using tampons for a few hours, not from leaving tampons too long. Obviously you shouldn't use tampons again this cycle, just use pads or liners.

    Still watch for symptoms of TSS over the next few days;

    - Sudden high fever (38°C/100.4°F).

    - Low blood pressure.

    - Nausea and/or vomiting.

    - Sunburn-like skin rash.

    - Diarrhoea or constipation.

    - Fainting or feeling faint.

    - Dizziness and confusion

    - Muscle aches.

    Symptoms can vary greatly from person to person and depending on which organs are effected, but with all cases you'd have high fever and low blood pressure - you'd feel very ill, like having a bad case of flu. You also need to watch for symptoms of vaginal infections, Bacterial Vaginosis is commonly caused by tampon use so having left tampons in for so much longer will significantly increase the risk of this infection. Watch for symptoms such as bad odour (especially a 'fishy' odour), excessive watery discharge, grey coloured discharge, and any irritation - see doctor if you see these symptoms.

    You HAVE to be more careful, at your age risk of TSS is significantly higher. You've left tampons in far too long, worn two at once, and wearing tampons when evidently your flow isn't heavy enough for tampon use - all these factors significantly increase risks of TSS and vaginal infections. As a note 8 hours is too long, tampon companies say this to make their products seem more convenient, they can say this despite health risks because tampon companies are self-regulated in most countries.

    Precautions to follow with tampon use;

    - Change tampons every 4-6 hours.

    - Always use lowest absorbency.

    - Change absorbency as flow changes.

    - Alternate with pads whenever possible.

    - Avoid rayon tampons e.g. Tampax, Playtex, Kotex.

    - Opt for cotton tampons e.g. Cottons, Natracare, Emerita.

    - Do not use when not menstruating.

    - Do not use with light flow.

    - Do not use overnight while sleeping.

    - Do not use if you have a vaginal infection.

    - Always wash hands before use.

    - Store tampons in cool dry place.

    - Learn about TSS and other risks like dioxin.

    - Consider safer options like menstrual cups.

    You ARE Loved (TSS information) -

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    You're probably OK.

    If you should develop a red sunburn-like rash, fever, dizziness, vomiting, or muscle pains, see the doctor immediately!

    TSS is rare, but if caught quickly, is treatable with intravenous antibiotics.

    I would suggest you use pads unless you are going swimming or another activity where a tampon would be more comfortable or discreet--and then change back to a pad immediately afterward. That way, you will not forget you have one in place, and will not leave one in too long.

    Or, you could use a timer (the alarm on your phone might work) to remind you to change tampons. Always reach for the old one before attempting to insert a new one.

    Source(s): Learn more about tampons and TSS here:
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    you will be fine, tss is very very rare, many people have left it in for more than 8 hours, the only reason tss got linked to tampons is because of rely tampons, that were meant to be left in your whole period. some girls have put in two and for got about the first one, and the worst thing that happened is that they got an infection, that was gone in a week after mediacation

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    Sounds like you just have some sort of infection going on. Brown discharge is old blood. I'd go to your gynecologist and she/he will be able to tell you what it is. never leave the tampon in longer than 6 hours.. 8 at the most!

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    Your fine just make sure to be more careful, if you had TSS you'd know by now, you'd have symptoms

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    WHAT? You can't get it out? Try a toilet plunger! And, you'll be okay relative to infections and such. :'3 I'm no doctor, anyway... Confirm it with another individual just in case. You should be fine. ;o

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