What do I need to know/learn to join a First Robotics team?

I recently joined my school's First Robotics team but honestly, I have no idea if I'd be of any use. I've never done this before and I have no idea how to make a robot. What should I learn/research in order to be more helpful and better prepared?

Also, the team will have different positions and I'm interested in the 'coding' aspect because that seems really interesting but I've never done that either. If I were to, what would I need to know/learn?

Is there like some type of robotics manual TT_TT

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    6 years ago
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    Common sense tells me that you should probably learn the basics first. Such as: All robots are out to kill you. Even the ones you build.

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  • 6 years ago

    Robots is the best teacher of physics out there. The acceleration/decelaration factor teaches inertia and the requirements of the electronics to accomplish it. The mechanics teaches how inertia tearsup a drive train if the robot is too heavy or is asked to travel/stop too fast.The electronics will be asked to limit travel/stopping speed: all under computer control. If the robot has to be'aware' of it's environment. sensors have to couple to the robot's computer. If the robot has to accomplish a task using sensors, there is a not insignificant 'coding' requirement to train it. My mentoring two local kids, one a good mechanic and the other a good coder got then into a state finals for science fair. Just associating with the people in robots is the best teacher. Smart kids will help, smart teachers will help, smart advisors will help. Local amateur radio operators will help in ways you can't imagine with parts and sometimes years long help.

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