has anyone used authorize.net ach application?

I currently have authorize.net for my merchant services but I would like to use the electronic check application. I don't normally use checks but my grandmother has always been very trustworthy and she only uses checks. I hate to turn her down since she is one of my best customers purchasing my products. is it hard to get approved for the electronic checks? what is the process? do I need good credit or cosigner? other than that does anyone know of any other merchant processor that services ach that I can get approved for with my bad credit. thanks

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  • 6 years ago
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    Getting approved to accept ACH check deposits isn't any harder than getting approved for credit card processing. That being said it can be cost prohibitive for 1 customer. ACH check acceptance usually costs $10/month and a % of the transaction (1.25 in my case). The check information is passed through many different fraud and consumer data organizations and if a positive outcome is returned then the check is guaranteed. The funds are then deposited in your account in 48-72 hours.

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  • Jim S
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    6 years ago

    On PayPal, you can accept an e-check. 3 day clearing time, usually.

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