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Restoring my computer to factory settings?

Hi, lately I've been having trouble with my laptop, so I've decided I am going to restore it to factory settings. I have a couple of questions about this. One, how will I recover my iTunes? If all my music is on my phone, and I reinstall iTunes, will it sync the music from my phone over to the computer again? How can I back this up without using a boat load of CD's or going out and buying a external hard drive? Also, I installed Microsoft Office on this computer. I was the third computer out of the 3 licenses my family bought to install office. I am away at college so I dont have the product key on me or anything, is there a way I can reinstall Microsoft Office without too much trouble? And last question is how do I backup all my programs and stuff such as FL Studio, do I use CD-R or CD-RW or DVDs or what?

Thank you and I hate my computer

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  • 8 years ago
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    HI There,

    Will try to answer what I know:

    1. Itunes should sync back to the computer from the phone or from their server.

    That's what my grandson told me.

    2. You can download and run Belarc Advisor to find out your Office product key.

    After you get the product key write it down for later use.

    Belarc will also show your windows product key...I would write this down with the version and build number in case you need to reinstall Windows from a download.

    In fact I would print out the whole listing for future reference.

    Here is the URl ( free download )....

    As for backup: small backups use a CD-R larger ones use a DVD-R

    To solve backup problems ( recommended ) buy an external hard drive.

    Since you depend upon your computer for classwork a backup drive is necessary.

    If your computer runs at all I would put off reinstalling until you have lots of time from schoolwork to get it whipped back into shape.

    Hope this helps,


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