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Young asked in TravelAsia PacificMalaysia · 7 years ago

Iva,17,malaysia.nex yer want to join YG or what can i do?

help .

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  • 7 years ago
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    1st things 1st,

    That sentence you type is horrendous grammar (I'm not even going to ask about the spelling) that makes it really hard to understand.

    Iva = Is this supposed to be your name? Stop putting your real name on the Net. Its dangerous (and its not like you're on FB)! And why do we need to know your age?

    Okay, now onto the question.

    Currently Korean companies are only accepting Americans and Canadians.

    Korean companies are not going to simply accept a foreigner that easily over their own country men/women. Because of language difficulties and the industry is still largely racist especially towards those of the darker skin variety.

    Also I doubt that Malaysians could even stand a chance because dancing schools are a rarity here (other than classical dances), so you have to depend on how unique and skillful your singing is.

    Just go and post a video on youtube,

    if you're good, it will show.

    Oh and, you're not the only person asking this particular question,

    We get a few questions of this type, weekly.

    You could have just use the search function.

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  • 7 years ago

    Hai, Iva!

    Well, to answer your question, try auditioning online through YG, or JYP, or SM. Make sure the company had an English version of it. That way, we would know that they do accept foreigners. Or you could audition for something like K-POP Star or Superstar K - something like that in between! I hope that helped. Oh, and one thing more, try to learn Korean, that would boost up your chance! c:

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