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Do I need a new radio to install 8" Pioneer Subs?

I have a 2013 Nissan Frontier SV King Cab, and I just got an 8" Pioneer subwoofer, and I'm not sure if I'll need another radio.

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    You need an amplifier to power the Pioneer subwoofer as well as an amplifier wiring kit to hook the battery to your amplifier.

    A lot of newer amplifiers (including Pioneer) have the ability to accept low level or high level input by simply flipping a switch on the amplifier. Some of them even have a sensor that reads the line voltage from the input and will turn the amplifier on and off without having to use a remote wire. It shuts off automatically after a certain time frame, too, so it won't drain your battery when the truck is off.

    I'm not recommending this amplifier because I don't know which Pioneer subwoofer you have or how much power it can handle, but this is an amplifier with the features I mentioned above.

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    there's almost always a way to make the stock radio work.

    Generally the only hang up is getting signal from the radio to the amp. In most cases a simple line output converter is used by connecting to the existing speaker wires to get rca inputs for your amp.

    That's what I'm doing in my car.

    Besides signal - amp/sub installation is pretty universal.

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    Nope. You can use a line out converter, if your amp has high level inputs, you can use that for signal..

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