Josh Groban Poster Design?

Well, Josh Groban a musician is inviting poeople to design a poster of his in the round tour, but I'm stumped for ideas!!

It says you can use any aspect of his songs...what does that actually mean? :/

Any arty ideas of anything are very helpful, thanks! :)

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  • Mary
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    8 years ago
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    Perhaps that phrase means that you can print his lyrics on your poster, and even the music notes. Maybe this phrase also covers the imagery in his music videos.

    I was singing Higher Window on my way home from school yesterday. I think it benefits from concrete words (such as "I drew my line across the sand/ And set my flank in no mans land"). If you sing his notes, you can hear what level of belief he imparts in them. Particularly, the notes of "And there is a light/ From a higher window/ Shining down on us tonight" has conviction to them, like he really believes what he says and wants to get that message across.

    So in your favorite song of his, sing the phrases which have meaning to you, and see how the notes, not just the words, impart that strength. I believe Groban said that he's strongest at creating the tune, and that he works with a writer to really get the lyrics down (an interview about his album Illuminations.) Try to sing the tune and listen to it as Groban may have, with no words attached to it. It's nice.

    If you do so, perhaps you can create a poster with the same feeling. Your same conviction is the basis on which the visual images coalesce in a meaningful way. Images are like frozen music (quote from a movie), they are the tune without words.

    I'm trying to go about this in an abstract way because I don't want to tell you what to put together, I want to show you one path on which you can create what you really want to create. What is potent to you?

    Source(s): I think I succeeded for the first time yesterday at grasping the tune in an emotionally significant way. For example, "and there is a light" is different from "is there a light?" or "there might be a light" or "there isn't a light." The tune and lyrics both join to emphasize the words, "there IS." And the way the tune goes colors the meaning, from "there is a light-- and I'm really just pretending that I mean this to sell albums," or "there is a light-- but I'm not always so sure," into "there is a light-- and I really hope that you believe me because I know it to be true."
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    If you want to know how to design a poster, then you can do no better than turn to the experts. I did a sketch and then vectored using Illustrator. My references were obviously the pictures of the cars and watching the the movie. I didn't go into too much detail analyzing particular frames – for example to see what was on the label hanging on the chair of the Mr Bean car." It's about balancing artistic interpretation with authenticity, in this case.

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