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Hi there! I'm sorry I have to type the followings in english(I know my english sucks), but I don't know how to type in Chinese and I don't have a "handwriting board"... TT

Anyways PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me analyze my diet plan.... (This is only for holidays)

I'm eating whatever I want in the morning, healthy salads and fruits only in the rest of the day. My salad mostly contain raw veggies , nuts, fruits and chicken breast, with dressings like vinegar or some fruit juice. If I'm dining out, I'm making salad my best option, and sometimes probably let myself have a bite of my fav food in the restaurant.

The reason I'm letting myself to eat casually in the morning is because I usually have a lot of cravings in the evening... And I'm not that type of person who can easilyavoid my craving.... so doing this kind of really makes me hold on til the next morning...(haha I usually forgot my cravings the next dayyy)

I'm also doing 20-50 minutes of tone up exercise every day. Of course some cardios too.... (I can't stand doing cardio, I just hate it... so mostly i'll just do maximum 10 minutes a day) But I'm really working super hard....

I feel like this plan really DO makes me feel stronger and more likely to say no to all those unhealthy food that I'm craving at that moment, and really just grab a fruit instead of those M&Ms.

Arhhh I'm so not sure is this really helping me to loose my body fat or they are just water weight....

P.S. I'm loosing a normal weight every week... It's among 0.8 kg (I'm just on #1 week)

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    建議你除左調節飲食,都可以試下食外面訂個D 3+2+1嘅飯盒:)


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    我試過用減肥藥減重, 唔work…….,

    重有好多副作用, 勁返彈添....

    後來用左一個好簡單既方法, 一d都唔辛苦,



    如果你係認真的話, 你可以問下佢地丫~

    睇下幫唔幫到你 ......

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