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Question for McDonald's employees? (Or anyone)?

I work at a McDonald's in Walmart. Today, at the start of my shift, a manager said to "suggestive sell". This means saying things like "Would that be a large?" and to push the CBOS and Santa Fe McWraps, etc. He said that if I met targets, I would get a reward ballot to use to get free food. So after being on till several hours later, another manager comes up to me and hands me a big wad of ballots. I counted it and there were eight. This struck me as a bit odd because I've been working there for a month and the only one I've got before was one, for keeping the lobby clean. So how many of these do you usually get is my question. All answers are appreciated.


Yeah I know I think you only get them if you're the manager's special favorite or they're too tired to care. That same manager is always giving everyone free food. Another manager came up to me at the end of the shift and said I could have a free meal.

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    Where I work we have something similar but it's to be put in a drawing (I work as a cashier). I've only ever gotten three. Even though I put everything I have into my work while my co workers (specifically two people) slack off and get rewarded.

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