Canadian immigration after graduation?

My name is Adam Young Do Kim , originally from Korea but majoring in Communication B.A at University at Buffalo in the USA under a F-1 student visa. I want to become a Canadian permanent resident as soon as I graduate from College.

I have a lot of questions about the process to Immigrate to Canada. I want to go to Ontario or other provinces in canada since I could find the fastest way get a canadian PR . But unfortunately i only have a canadian high diploma and a 2 year diploma from Community college in the United States so that does not satisfy for immigration to canada as far as i know since its only a Canadian H.S and not a Canadian post secondary . Maybe would that be better to move back to Canada or stick with schooling in the USA ? i think maybe the other option might be that I go to school in Canada after I finish studies in the USA. Someone suggested that i drop my US schoolings and go to a 2 year college in canada if i am willing to get a canadian PR . but im thinking that option does not sound good to me . Everybody knows that USA does not offer immigration to international student after graduation but Canada does. I am thinking that i am tired to do more schoolings so if any of u has suggestion just comment as below

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