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Do you have a diabetic cat?

Do you know about home testing your cat and how to do it? How important it is?

Do you know that tests at the vets can be off hundreds of points? This could lead to wrong advice.

How can you possibly treat this correctly without information?

Do you know about feeding the proper diet which is not what the vet sells? Do you know diet may have been the reason your cat got diabetes in the first place?

Do you know if you do this right that it is possible for a cat to go into remission and become diet controlled?

I work with from all over the world helping them learn how to treat their diabetic cats.

I can help if you need it. I am very good at what I do

no charge pay it forward

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    You make me angry! Don't come on here with that "play it forward" business, and don't try to make yourself out to be some kind of expert about diabetes in cats, and know more about it than a good vet would!

    I've had a diabetic cat for years. When she was first diagnosed, the vet kept her for 4 days, constantly running blood sugar levels throughout the day, every day, because blood sugar levels can give a normal reading in the morning perhaps, and then go totally off the chart by afternoon. It had to be determined at what level of insulin to start her off on.

    I had to give that cat an insulin shot daily, and check her blood levels twice a day. Checking her blood levels invovled picking the pad of her paw (just like you prick a diabetic human's finger). After many months, we were able to graduate her down to where her diabetes could be controlled with tablets (same thing as Glucophage). Today, she is insulin-free; but she is not "cured" of diabetes and never will be. No more than a human is "cured" of diabetes. I still have to check her blood sugar levels daily, to make sure they are holding where they should be.

    No one "knows" for sure what causes diabetes, and neither do you. It could be weight; it could be diet; it could be age; or it could be that a cat was simply born predisposed to develop diabetes -- just like a human can be. A person could try a "holistic" method of treating diabetes -- if they want their cat to die! Diabetes in cats must be treated and managed with the same attention to detail that it is in humans!

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    Ken S. I need your opinion on a matter, can you leave a message so I will know I am not speaking to air. Your advice was so on the money. I have been to vet and vet and all I have is a sick cat and a high hospital bill. Let me know you are still around since it has been a while.

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