How should Obama address some Black leaders complaints that Obama has done nothing for the Black community?

What are your thoughts and what, if anything should Obama do for the Black community. Or has he done something that these Black leaders are unaware of?

"For women, your first day in office you signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Later came your birth control mandate that guarantees women access to free contraceptives.

For gays, you announced on ABC your support for same-sex marriage.

For immigrants, you stopped deporting younger undocumented immigrants — most of them Latino — and began granting work permits for some of them.

Noticeably missing from the list is any demonstrable policy change — or change of mind — aimed squarely at the black members of your coalition."

“Now, he’s got to do something for us,” Reginald Miles, a professor at Howard University, said minutes after networks began declaring Obama’s win. “We should get our reward.”

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  • Claire
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    7 years ago
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    How about health care reform and the improved economy? Are blacks somehow exceptions to that? And what about blacks who happen to be women, gays, or immigrants? It's ridiculous to think that blacks can only benefit from policy "aimed at them."

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  • 7 years ago

    he has done nothing, literally for any group of people, whether it be health care reform, women'/s rights, gay rights, or any rights. What do you think? just because he is black, he gives a rats azz about the black people? He is a politician first, a politician second and lastly, a politician. He cares about his family, the fat azzed aunt jamima Michelle and his spoiled rotten do nothing, know nothing kids. If he has helped anyone ,it has been the republican party, for walking all over him. Stop thinking in terms of black and white and what a white pres. may do for the whites or a black pres....would do for the blacks. Just think in terms of what the hell any of these scum in office can do for Americans, period..and..that is simply zero. You are STILL LIVING in a world, dream land where you think THE BLACK PEOPLE are still owed something. At what fuc ing point will the Black people or black Americans, not sure why there has to be a label separating blacks form whites as in two different Americas, but perhaps it is reality, and always will be and should be. Let the whites do the thinking and the blacks do the actual building. How much more time do your race order to get it together...and move on and stop asking for friggin hand outs? Obama POSSIBLY, has done somethings for the black americans..but doubtful. It's not on the agenda.

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  • 7 years ago

    The same way all amerkun presidents address their nation ie start off with some old bollocks about amerkuns being the MOST powerful nation in the universe then move on to that old cr@p about the land of the free and the brave, even throw in a bit of '' I HAVE A DREAAAM! they will all fall for it as usual --- stupid fecking hillbillys.

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  • 7 years ago


    All of the groups that you mentioned as having received some type of help

    from Obama are groups that actually needed assistance.

    The black race doesn’t need any assistance. It already has equal rights.

    The black race can do anything that any other race can do. That was easy.

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  • 7 years ago

    invite them all to the White House for a home cooked meal of fried chicken, collard greens, watermelon and grape soda and discuss the issues of the day, such as everyone hating them and they are victims and such

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