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Are these specs good for a gaming pc?

Comp Specs:

8 GB Ram Corsair Vengeance

1 TB Caviar Blue Hard Drive space + 1tb ssd external drive add on

Intel i5 4670 processing core 3.40 ghz

Crossfire Gigabyte Z87X mother board

AMD Radeon HD 7770 1GB

600 Watt power supply

Operating System: Windows 8

Web Browser: Firefox

Antivirus: Avst (?)

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    " 1tb ssd external drive add on"

    You're going to drop $1000 on an external SSD? Wow...

    I would recommend skipping the external SSD. And instead taking that $1000 and get a $200 256GB internal SSD, 2 TB WD Black HDD, a 2TB external HDD and a better video card like a 7970 or GTX 780, and then still have $300 left over.

    The 7770 is only mid range video card, I'd go with at least a Radeon 7870 or a GTX 760. It should also be noted that the size of the frame buffer on a video card has little to do with it's performance. That's why a 1GB GTX 560 ti, is over 8 times faster than 2TB Radeon 5450.

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    Good Motherboard. You chose well.

    Video Card:

    You are going to want at least a 1.5 gb video card. And if the resolution of the monitor you will be using is 1080p or higher, go with 2gb.


    Also, a 1 tb SSD is extremely excessive. The costs are just simply too much. I am getting a 250gb SSD and a 1.5 tb HDD. You can store your Operating system on your SSD along with commonly used programs to operate faster. Your actual Hard Drive will hold all of your videos, pictures, and music. It can also hold files of programs because once the file is open, the fact the file is on your Hard Drive and not your SSD will not effect how fast the program itself operates. It will just open the file a bit faster which simply isn't worth the space.


    Take the money you were about to spend on that SSD and instead, spend it on an Intel i7 3770K. This will allow overclocking if you were to wish to do so and is MUCH more powerful. The motherboard you have chosen will work with it.


    I see you haven't even listed any cooling. You DEFINITELY need a cooling system. The system that comes with most the case will most not cut it. Depending on the size, you need to get 1 or 2 more fans OR get a liquid cooling system which is more efficient.


    You didn't list a case. Get one that will surely fit whatever video card you decide to put in your computer because that is the main problem that happens with cases. To give you an idea, I am getting a size "ATX Full" Which is like a step above average. But more space, needs more cooling. Also make sure you have a SATA slot that will fit an SSD

    Power Supply:

    You are spot on. Keep that power supply

    Operating System:

    Personal Preference


    You can get great free stuff. Although there is plenty of BAD anti virus programs that are actually disguised viruses, here is what i use and i am fine. I use a combination of

    Advanced System Care 6

    ARO (Advanced Repair and Optimization)

    Smart Defrag


    for all of my computer maintenance. All are free and should protect you from pretty much everything just make sure you run a complete maintenance with a combo of all 4 about once every 2 months (More often if you download alot or from malicious sites) Also, whenever your computer slows for any reason.

    I hope this helps you! :D

    Source(s): My own personal research and experience.
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    looks like really good specs for at least 2 years of playing AAA games, although i personally prefer chrome because thye have been doing great advances with html5 which what most browser games will use and malwarebytes antimalware because so far after 3 years i have never had a problem with it and when i do a scan it tells me exactly everything about the virus that it found and what i can do to it.

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    With a z87 motherboard and that gpu if you get 16 gigs of ram high settings all day but with 8 gigs some slight lag on high settings.

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    Sounds pretty beastly to me

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