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Heart beating moresign of pregnancy?

Okay I have this.feeling I could be pregnant today is the day af is supposed to arrive. I've had a few symptoms but one in particular is really strange and.never happened to me for the past like week I can feel my heart beat more in my head and in my chest. I've read some people have had this.happen and been.pregnant but what do u think? Anyone ever have that happ

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    Courtney, yes yes and yesssss!!!!!! I'm 18 weeks pregnant, but.... When I didn't know I was pregnant I had that same feeling, the heartbeat of my own was so loud, i even asked my friends could they hear it, lol its in my head also like pumping in my ears, it's crazy.. Lol and it's a feeling as if your heartbeat will jump out of your chest, it's very real for me, then times I don't feel it, but I've felt it throughout and i know what you mean exactly, your not alone, nor are you crazy. I really hope your pregnant, lots of baby dust

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  • Oh my God yes! I am 8 weeks today and feel like sometimes my heart is about to beat out of my chest. I read on a few websites that your heart rate can increase by 15-20 beats during pregnancy because of all the hormonal changes and the increase in blood volume. It makes me feel terrible and drained of energy and short of breath all day long. It is most noticeable at night when I am trying to sleep. I feel weak and lethargic and oh so tired. My pulse has been consistently between 85 and 100 since I became pregnant which is on the high end of normal, but still uncomfortable.

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    Yes, its a sign of pregnancy but you only feel it in your chest not head, but also it isn't a sign of early pregnancy, just take a HPT to find out, goodluck

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