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Female or male rottie?

So I just bought a female rottie (2 and a half months old) yesterday and she is absolutely amazing she jumps runs and is funny but, I have a male rottie he is 4 and a half months the female rottie is waaaay much active than the male when ever I go anywhere she follows me and stuff while the male just sits there looking he comes and all but not always unlike her! Is this normal for a male rottie?

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    I had a friend with a HUGE male rottie (150 pounds of muscle). He could do a standing jump up on a picnic table. He was extremely friendly and would run up to folks to greet them. (Scaring strangers half to death.) He loved to fetch a ball. A very active dog until he came down with lymphoma. That slowed him in a hurry. Make sure your dog isn't sick and doesn't have some sort of leg problem.

    If your vet says your dog is healthy, don't worry about him.

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    You really have made a totally wrong move in buying two pups at the same time. I don't know whether you quite realise just how much work is involved in raising one pup, but you've now made it ten times harder in having two. They will bounce off each other and learn bad habits from each other.

    You need to separate the two more often than you think, and take each out separately and train them separately. I do hope you have the time for this.

    How they are has got nothing at all to do with male and female and everything to do with breeding and individual dog. They vary considerably from line to line and litter to litter and dog to dog. I take in foster pups and no two are the same.

    I do hope you have the experience to deal with this.

    I'm only mad enough to foster two at a time.. and not own two at a time. (pups that is)... three of these are foster and I had two more of my own also.

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    It's got nothing at all to do with his gender. Dogs all have their own individual temperaments, drives and energy levels.

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