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? asked in HealthOther - Health · 8 years ago

What to do about a poor ER experience?

Last week I was home with my two kids ages 4 and 2. After lunch and some play they were both tired so I put them for a nap. For some reason my 2 year old thought it would be hilarious to get up and go bang on the window. Twice I go tell him no, its nap time you could hurt yourself. He was overtired and being fresh but I thought ok finally he fell asleep. So I go lay down in bed to take 5 and you know whats next within 30 seconds lying down bang, bang..

Concerned for his safety I jump up and as I take my first step my right foot stays planted and all 6 foot 5, 245lbs turns 90 degrees. quickly and I feel/hear three pops in my right knee. I take one step and boom I'm on the floor. I tried to get up, I couldn't, all I was able to do was crawl two feet to get my cell phone. I hate going to drs, I passed out b4 AFC championship game last year, hadn't eaten and lifting weights I got light headed and boom, face first on the hardwood. Didn't cross my mind once to go to the hospital, cmon the games on soon. I had only been to the ER once before bc of an impacted wisdom tooth that acted up 6 hours before a hurricane. Couldn't risk having nothing for the pain in the event of a prolonged power outage. But this pain was something else, cold sweats, almost felt like I was going to pass out etc. I knew it was bad, after a few more attempts to stand up I decided to call for an ambulance. They get me out free willy style, bc the stretcher wouldn't fit. They do a great job, give me something for the pain and take me to the hospital. Btw grandparents had come to take care of the kids,

I get to the hospital, pain medicine hadn't kicked in and I was told that it may take 20 minutes. There was maybe one or two other patients and from the mood nothing seemed urgent. I seemed to be the worst of the bunch. I get sent for x rays, the slight manipulating of my leg was excruciating but the radiologist was very understanding and hurried the process. I get back to the room and the physicians assistant comes in talks about the x ray results, they were negative, no bone injuries. Pain meds are starting to kick in slightly, I prob could of used a little more being a big guy but the constant throbbing was going away. So the phy assistant tells me he needs to bend my leg and do some checks. I knew it would hurt and it did, the pain was so intense but I knew it needed to be done. So he completes the exams and he will be back in a moment. Next is when it all goes bad.

To this point I've been in pain for close to two hours and the pain medicine provided enough relief so I could calm down a little and take a deep breath. As soon as I this happens the physician walks in. After a brief introduction he goes for my right knee. Being a little out of it I say hold on one second please, I wanted to take a deep breath and get ready for brace for the pain. A simple ok ready is all I asked for its an ER and a knee isn't life threatening I don't expect him to wait minutes. I don't know what it was but he nearly flipped out on me. He starts I'm here to help and give my professional advice, if you don't want me to look at your knee and to help you then I can leave. So you need to cooperate and not interfere and let me do what is needed to help you otherwise I'm leaving and I wont examine your knee. His tone was so unprofessional. So I say I only asked for one second. He then says do you want my help or not bc if I don't stop he will leave. He then says the pain isn't as bad as I say, its anxiety and a low pain tolerance and Im not hurt nearly as bad as Im saying. My mother was next to me at the time and she was lost for words. I wasn't resisting treatment or acting belligerent, my thought process was slow from pain meds but I was well behaved. He had come to this conclusion that my pain wasn't as bad as I was making it out, before he even did the exams himself. He was purely going on the assistants analysis. Im not trying to fight Im trying to get better so I say Im sorry, Im ready for any exams, thank you for your help. A few painful twists and pushes and pulls and your ligaments seem fine, its just a sprain. Then he leaves never comes back to say sorry which wasn't surprising but thankfully the assistant was polite we talk and Im released

As far as my knee it feels terrible. No stability and pain behind the kneecap. Im going to an orthopedic doctor tomorrow to find out more about what could be wrong.

It was a long story but it got me fired up. My question is what should I do? should I even do anything? Im not out looking to sue not sure he did anything legally wrong. My main concern is future patients. There is no excuse for his behavior, a waitress has a bad day and is rude ok it happens. but for an ER doctor to do such a thing is unacceptable. Who should I bring a complaint to? Sorry for the novel

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    your knee isn't life threatening, but maybe the guy in the next bed is dying and he needed to go check on him, the ER isn't like your doctors office, you aren't the only patient they are dealing with. he did say he was sorry, so at least you got that. he realized he was wrong and apologized, I remember when that was enough, now everyone wants to sue just because the world didn't go the way they wanted it to.

    just let it go.

    oh, they don't like to give out a lot of painkillers because a lot of addicts come in complaining of pain and get drugs. the dr in the ER doesn't usually have your complete medical records so they don't know if you are for real or just an addict looking for a buzz, so they err on the side of caution and don't give a lot of heavy duty painkillers in the ER.

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    I'd just let it go really, it's more common than you'd think. Just about a month ago my boyfriend was in a work related accident. A backhoe pinched his leg between a trailer and he was rushed to the ER. It was so awful, worst injury I've ever seen in person in my life. He's a big guy-6 foot something and around 270, if he would have been around 230 it would have cut his leg off. That's how bad it was. Anyways when he got to the ER all they did was give him the lowest dose (5 mg) of lortabs. He is a big guy and he told me that was the worst pain he's ever felt in his life but that's what they gave him. They didn't splint his leg or wrap it or whatever-like nothing. He didn't get a wheelchair...just some crutches. They made him wait 4 days to get x-rays and to change and up the dose of medicine. The doctor was making it out to be as if it wasn't so bad, that it might only be a muscle injury but some of his bones were fractured and his muscles were torn.

    I just think a lot of doctors kind of suck, especially in the compassion department probably because they see those types of things every day. I say just let it go though, I don't think you can do anything about that anyways. Doesn't sound like the doc did anything illegal.

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