Am I using the following vocabulary words correctly in each sentence?

I have the definitions for my vocabulary words, but I want to make sure that the sentences make sense.

1) Aegis - The tournament was held under the aegis of the city council.

2) Apprise- He didn't even bother to apprise us of the party he was throwing.

3) Lexicon- Webster created the first lexicon.

4) Melee- The crowd of teenagers gathered around to watch the melee in the middle of the school walkway.

5) Minuscule- There was a minuscule amount of evidence to convict the suspect.

6) Vassal- He called upon his vassal to clean up the mess.

7) Purview- She was expelled from school because she was caught smoking within the purview of the school.

8) Solecism- A common solecism is people using "who" instead of "whom".

9) Microcosm- With its roles, assignments, and ability to work together, ant farms are microcosms of society.

10) Paternalism- The mayor's paternalism made the people of the city feel safe and controlled.

11) Polarized- The jury was polarized with half thinking the woman was guilty, and half thinking she was innocent.

-----Are these examples/sentences grammatically correct? If not, how can I fix them? Thanks in advance :)

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    Great job! All of your sentences are grammatically correct. My only reservation is with regard to sentence 4). Ideally, each sentence should 'indicate' the meaning of the vocabulary word; this is the only one that doesn't. (In your sentence, the 'melee' could be a puppet show, a demonstration, performance art, or almost anything.)

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    Purview In A Sentence

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    challenging matter. look over google and yahoo. just that will help!

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