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I am looking for an Korean or Japanese movie, can someone help me?

Its a romance movie I saw on Netflix awhile back , I can only remember the ending and parts of the rest of it. I think she has a chance to change her past because she doesn't like how her life is going, so she meets her younger self and her younger self goes around telling people she's her aunt. Her older self gives advice to the younger in order to change their future.

I think she had a one sided love, and there is also an other guy that likes her too but she is to in love with the other to care about him.

In the end of the movie you can see her at a talent show cheering on the guy she likes but she is disappointed because he doesn't show up because the older self is sabotaging him, though does he end up making it. Also the guys that like her signs up for the talent show to impress her though I don't think he performs because he lets the other guy she likes to perform instead (i could be wrong on that part).

The younger self is shown at the end riding on a scooter with I (think) the guy she likes. The older self goes back and at some point she bumps into the guy that liked her.

Sorry if its a little hard to understand but I tried my best to give insight on how I remember it. Thanks in advance for the help.

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    Project makeover, it's Korean.


    Jung-Joo (Ko So-Young) is 30-years-old, works in the fashion industry (but only as a low-level assistant) and just can’t seem to get things right in her life.

    One day she runs into high school friend Tae-Hoon (Lee Beom-Soo). Back in her high school days, Tae-Hoon had a huge crush on her, but Jung-Joo ignored him because she thought he was boring. Instead, Jung-Joo fell in love with Jo Hani, a rebellious student who eventually dumped Jung-Joo. Now, Tae-Hoon is the CEO of a successful technology company.

    As Jung-Joo lays in her bed and thinks back upon all the dumb things she did as a teen, a magical computer program appears on her laptop. The program allows Jung-Joo to travel back in time and Jung-Joo decides to revisit her high school days.

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