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Confused about katie price baby!?

Katie price looked pregnant in wedding photos back in january, yet announced pregnancy in February (she would of been atleast 12 weeks) but yet saying her son was born 2 months too early! Hmm im confused, wasn't she only dating Kieran for 2 months before the wedding too?? (correct me if im wrong) but it seems like its a very slim chance that baby jett is Kieran or as premature as the press are saying? Keep in mind that shes never said her due date or how far along she was! Its,all just guess work by the seems of things, any insight?

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    I don't actually mind katie price but I do agree totally with your observation, she went to great lengths to hide her bump through the entire pregnancy which is a slight mystery, considering she is not a celebrity known for her shy side 😳😳

    A baby born at 32 weeks as she claimed to be are normally much smaller than the weight of the baby she gave birth to, I know this from experience as a nurse! She has also bizarrely gone to great lengths to have him abroad and hide his place of birth, just all very odd and something just doesn't seem to make sense.

    I'd be doing some maths if I was her hubby, just saying 😁😁

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    Celebrities usually don't announce a pregnancy until the first trimester is over and frequently have c-esctions scheduled a month early or so due to scheduling but also to maintain body weight. So that may factor in a bit.

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    Does it really matter?

    Wrong section anyways.

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