Cedar hill or desoto Texas?

what are the differences between the two cities? ethic makeup? average income? crime? house prices?

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    Cedar Hill -

    Population as of 2012 - 46,461

    Black- 51%

    White - 29%

    Hispanic - 15%

    Asian - 3%

    Median income as of 2011 - $62,500

    Crime 1/4 less than national average

    DeSoto -

    Population as of 2012 - 51,000

    Black - 66%

    White- 20%

    Hispanic - 10%

    Asian - 1%

    Median income as of 2011 - $59,000

    Crime is equal to national average

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    Cedar Hill Population

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    Population Of Cedar Hill Tx

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    I lived in DeSoto for 16 years before moving to Lancaster in 2006. It is a nice, well-run community. The city is safe, not once did I or any of my family members experience any crime while living there. Housing choices in DeSoto range from apartments and starter homes to high-end, estate-type homes on the northwest side of the city. Most of the new home construction over the past decade has taken place on the west side of the city (areas west of Hampton Road). In the areas east of Hampton Road, there is a greater mix of mature neighborhoods and new construction. DeSoto's Town Center has recently been transformed into a mixed-use development featuring retail, apartments, and city offices. Cedar Hill has more retail development and restaurants, but both cities border each other so those places would only be a short drive away if you live in DeSoto.

    DeSoto is the largest suburb in southwest Dallas County with 51,102 residents. Cedar Hill is second largest with 46,461 residents. They are similar in terms of income. The median household income in Cedar Hill is $64,662 and DeSoto's is $61,018. The median home value in DeSoto is $144,900 compared to $132,100. Since your stated budget is around $160,000, you shouldn't have any difficulty finding a nice home in a well-kept neighborhood in either city. As I mentioned previously, there is a large concentration of middle and upper middle-class African Americans in Cedar Hill and the other suburbs of southwestern Dallas County (DeSoto, Duncanville, Lancaster, and Glenn Heights). African Americans are the largest ethnic group in both cities: 51.9% in Cedar Hill; 68.6% in DeSoto.

    You can view statistical information on both cities using the Census Bureau's QuickFacts page. Here are the profiles for both cities:

    Cedar Hill, TX QuickFacts http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/48/4813492...

    DeSoto, TX QuickFacts http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/48/4820092...

    I hope this helps. If there is anything else I can help you with, just let me know.

    Source(s): I have lived in the southern suburbs since 1988 - Lancaster ('88-'90), DeSoto ('90-'06), and Lancaster ('06-present).
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    Cedar hill or desoto Texas?

    what are the differences between the two cities? ethic makeup? average income? crime? house prices?

    Source(s): cedar hill desoto texas: https://tr.im/tHKPZ
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