Accommodation lease start date changed after tenancy agreement?

I am a postgraduate student and I have secured a room to rent in a private student accommodation.

I have been given a tenancy agreement showing the lease date and when the contract of the tenancy ends

I have signed the contract and posted it to the residential office and it has been shown by the track & trace process that it has been delivered to that place with an electronic signature.

However, when I logged onto my account on their website, the lease start date and lease end date has changed and was pushed back one week later. I have not even been informed by email or telephone about this so I did not know such change has been made.

Are they allowed to do this even though I have printed, signed and posted the tenancy agreement and they did not tell me that the lease start date was changed?

I still have a copy of the original contract.

Is there anything I can do if this is not standard practice? Because I need to move in on the date they originally stated and moving in a week later will be impossible due to my schedules at universities, and I live too far away to commute

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  • 7 years ago
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    You need to call them and find out if your move in date has been changed.

    It is foolish to rely on an online source without at least trying to verify the information for yourself. (People make mistakes on date entry all of the time.)

    Once you verify this, then you can explain your situation and see what they are willing to do for you.

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