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My 11 year old son said he wants to see Cannibal Holocaust and I Spit on your grave?

Should I let him see those movies, he stole his brother's copy of Robocop and watched it. No use defending him to that violence since he was already exposed. Is this far worse?

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    No and Robocop is tame compared to Cannibal Holocaust and I Spit on your Grave, The latter contains scenes of rape and the girl getting even with her attackers. The former contains nudity, a sex scene, tribes eating people and a rape scene.

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    I wouldn't let him watch that stuff until he's at least 14 or so. Cannibal Holocaust is one of the most violent films ever made, and the animals that are killed were actually harmed in real life. The director even went on trial because audiences actually thought that the people in the movie were tortured and killed in real life as well, but they weren't. I Spit On Your Grave isn't that bad except for more than one very uncomfortable rape scene. If you do choose to let him watch these films, I would have a serious talk with him beforehand so he understands what he's seeing.

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    I think this is overrated. Unless it's genuine adult stuff let him watch. These days if you smack a kid, its child abuse. Movies where things go boom are violent. It's like they are teaching you how to be a parent. Let him watch. All kids have different mental levels and levels of maturity. Your his mother/father, are you not. You know your child best. If you think he can keep up with it let him watch. In the old days there weren't any parenting guidelines. But people did better than we are doing now. Ignore the rating for once and actually ask yourself if he can watch this stuff. My mom was very caring and good but she didn't care about that stuff. She knew me well enough to trust me and know for what stuff i was mature enough. Yes, she would stop me from the wrong stuff that she thought inappropriate or bad for me. But she stopped me because she knew herself that it was bad for me or it wasn't appropriate for me. She didn't do it following some movie rating or parental guidelines. And those movies aren't that bad. I think an 11 year old can watch them. And robocop, violent? It's not like that at all. I watched it when i was 8 with my dad. But now to your actual question. Cannibal and I spit on your grave are Rape and Psychological movies. Say no to those. But robocop is fine

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    Of course he does. But just because he has been exposed to violence once doesn't mean you can or should condone him seeing violence whenever he wishes.

    You are the parent, stand up and tell him no.

    Remember, watching violent movies can de-sensitize him to violence--the part of his brain that controls his behavior and impulse control is still developing. Give him other things to do, sports, more chores, "volunteer" opportunities, and as a reward, he can watch age appropriate movies. If you don't draw the line now and make him understand that no means no, then you will have more trouble helping him understand acceptable behavior when he is older.

    Oh, and he needs to be punished for stealing his brother's copy of Robocop.

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    Cannibal holocaust was made in the 80( I don't know if there was a remake) For its time it is a very disturbing movie...

    And i spit on your grave is about a woman who is reaped and then seeks revenge

    For an 11 year old these movies are in my opinion far to graphic and the content far to mature for his age

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    You're the one doing the parenting, not us.

    Personally I saw a lot of films like that when I was younger. I don't think it's really anything bad. It's just entertainment.

    Although, there were some kids at my school who really shouldn't watch films like that, because they always tried to cause problems afterwards by copying what they saw.

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    Robocop is like telletubbies compared to both of those. I spit on your grave is about a bunch of guys raping a writer in her log cabin.

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    The magic of being a parent is that you can tell your 11-year old son "no". And in this case, you really should.

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    Those are both, honestly, some pretty violent movies. If you want to know what exact content that is used in the films (violence, sex, language, drugs, consumerism) check out these websites:

    Source(s): Honestly if it were me, I wouldn't let anyone under maybe 15-16 years old watch them.
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    let him watch A Serbian Film. Great wholesome movie

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