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College Course Recommendation in Computers?

I have been accepted in two courses in Athlone Institute of Technology and I don't know which one to choose.

The first course is Computer Engineering (Level 7) for 3 years and an extra year can be added on in Software Development (Level 8 Honors Degree).

Computer Engineering Link:

The next course is Software Development (Games Development Level 8 Honors Degree) with a duration of 4 years.

Software Engineering Link:

I have searched for jobs online and it appears most of the jobs require Java and to be familiar with HTML, C+ and other languages, which Software development seems to cover.

There are a few things I would like to know

- Which course is more demanding (i.e. difficulty)

- Which course would have a better future in finding a job and being successful

- Is either of the courses enjoyable (I enjoy working with computer and learning new things, which course would provide better information)

I cannot decide which course is better than the other and I would appreciate anyone helping, preferably with past or current experience in either courses.

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  • JQuick
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    8 years ago
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    Choose none of the above. The best choice for job prospects at that university is the bsc (hons) in software design (cloud computing). They are all demanding. They are all supposed to be demanding. Game programming and computer engineering both have the worst job prospects of all computer disciplines. There's at least 20 times more work and higher job growth rates for general business software development and engineering, which includes web/cloud development. Game programming employs an extremely small number of developers who must be highly experienced to get hired. Computer engineering is also too focused on a much smaller subset of the industry. Yet both of these subjects have been highly popular with students, so universities have introduced these majors, despite the fact that graduates can't find jobs. There is a large over supply of graduates with gaming or CE degrees for the available jobs. The opposite of this is true for general business software development - there continues to be a large shortage of graduates in this subject and the job growth rate is one of the highest in all computing and engineering subjects.

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