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Nordstrom Rack or Ann Taylor?

I am a student who just started a part time job at Nordstrom Rack. I have been there for 2 days and have not enjoyed it. I have nothing in common with the employees, don’t like the atmosphere of the store and would prefer not to work the late hours I have been assigned. However, the pay is quite good. Just yesterday I received an offer from Ann Taylor. While interviewing there, I really liked the store’s environment and the management. The problem is - the wage at Ann Taylor is a lower.

Now I can’t decide what would be the best place to work at. Please let me know what company you think would best. Who has better reputation? Any more advice on making this choice would be appreciated.

Also, would it be appropriate to terminate my employment with Nordstrom Rack after being there for just two days?

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    Before handing in your resignation at Nordstrom Rack, I would doublecheck the hours at Ann Taylor. Since they are also a retail sales store, they may also expect you to work late hours. Ann Taylor is certainly more upscale and the customers may be younger and more hip than those who would come into the Rack since it is an outlet. Does either store offer a commission on sales? If so, you could potentially earn more at Ann Taylor. Additionally, there may be more opportunities to move into assistant management jobs with Ann Taylor since they have many more stores than the Rack.

    While it is not the best idea to leave a job after only two days, unless you are planning on using the position at the Rack on a resume at a later time (and I would not recommend it), there should be no issue with resigning from the Rack position and taking the job with Ann Taylor. Good luck!

    Source(s): I have an graduate degree in business and own my own business. Many years hiring/firing people.
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