Have Chanel ever had discounts or sales on their no.5 perfume?

Any kind of 'free samples' or promotional events or anything like that for no.5?

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  • 8 years ago
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    A few times a year they offer promotions such as "purchase with purchase" or free with purchase. Usually a purchase with purchase will be a small purse or cosmetics bag that comes with a small purse sized perfume, and maybe a body lotion or bar of soap or something else. (I once got a large beach tote with full sized shower gel, scented lotion, and a medium sized bottle of eau de cologne and three sample sizes of other scents for only 10$ when I bought a larger bottle of a sent by Calvin Klein) A free with purchase would be like if you spent a certain amount of money and they give you a small purse sized cologne, and a shower gel and body lotion. These are often available as boxed sets. These promotions are at Christmas, Valentines Day and Mother's Day and occasionally "back to school" You can get some very generous package deals, purchase with purchase and bonus deals at Christmas in almost all the big brand name fragrances.

    For free you can spritz yourself at the counter as often as you like and sometimes you can get a very small sample bottle or one of those "rub on the wrist" scented papers. And if you are on a budget buying the larger bottles of lighter scented Eau de Cologne and Eau de toilette is cheaper than buying the smaller and more intensely scented eau de parfum. For a very tight budget body washes, shower gels, scented powders and scented lotions are a way to experience an expensive scent at a much lower price.

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    lol no

    potentially in outlets.

    Best chance is the a duty free

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