write thesis sentences about population?


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    The Issue of Population Growth

    Thesis Statement

    "America and other rich nations have a clear choice today. They can continue to ignore the population problem and their own massive contributions to it. Then they will be trapped in a downward spiral that may well lead to the end of civilization in a few decades. More frequent droughts, more damaged crops and famines, more dying forests, more smog, more international conflicts, more epidemics, more gridlock, more drugs, more crime, more sewage swimming, and other extreme unpleasantness will mark our course. It is a route already traveled by too many of our less fortunate fellow human beings." Paul and Ann Ehrlich

    Here are some interesting facts and projections about world population growth:

    The rate of pop ulation increase, now approximately 1.7 percent a year will decline to a little less than 1 percent sometimes between the years 2020-2025.

    But since this applies to a larger population, the rate of actual increas e will go from 88 million people a year to 97 million in 1995-2000, before falling to 81 million a year in 2025.

    Developing countries will account for 95 percent of the world's population increase in the period betwee n 1990 to 2025.

    Between 1950 and 2025 the developed countries share of world population will decrease from 33.1 percent to 15.9 percent; Europe will go from 15.6 percent to 6.1 percent.

    In that same period of time, Latin America will have increased from 6.6 to 8.9% of the world's population, Asia from 54.7 to 57.8, and Africa from 8.9 to 18.8.

    The rapid rise in the rate of population growth has prompted concern that the world is poised on the brink of disaster, that not only are we running out of enough food to sustain the growing population, but that the growth in population is also responsible for poverty, environmental destruction and social unrest. Moreover, so the a rgument goes, as long as populations continue to rise, economic development in poor countries is impossible, because any increase in economic output must go to sustain the increased population instead of being invested to create new jobs and wealth. These concerns have led to concerted efforts by international agencies and governments to control population growth, especially in Third World countries where it is highest.

    Except for the religious objections to promoting decreased fertility, there ar e few people who question that there is a population problem, that it is a problem primarily of the poor nations, and that the solution requires women to limit their fertility. Yet few , if any, of the assumptions underlying the issue of population growth and control have been seriously questioned or examined. Some of these are:

    The assumption that population growth contributes to economic decline and stagnation in the periphery.

    The assumption that the population increase in the periphery is due to decreased mortality rates, especially of infants, realized because of the availability of modern medical advancements, better nutrition, and improved sanitation.

    The a ssumption that population stability before the rapid rise of population began in the eighteenth century was the result of a high fertility rate that served to balance a consistently high death rate.

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    According to 2014-2015, the population of Bangladesh was estimated to be 166 280 712 (approximate) people. The country has a population density of 2,600 (approximately) per square kilometers. As population, Bangladesh was the 8th country in the world. According to density of population Bangladesh was 12th in the world. Among 64 districts the capital city, Dhaka is the most populous country in Bangladesh as well as in the world. The Bangladesh Bureau of statics implied an average rate of natural increase of 1.57%. This natural growth was satisfied, as the number of birth exceeds the number of deaths by 2 79 535.

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    population is a major issue

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    population is the count of numbers in one community

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