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Bargain holiday sites.. Tenerife?

Where can I get real holiday bargains for £200 7 days September in Tenerife? £200 is budget Pp we can afford? Thanks

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  • Martin
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    7 years ago
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    I seriously doubt if you could find flight and hotel anywhere in Tenerife for 200 pounds per person (sorry no pound sign on this US computer!). You could try the web site below, it seems to be the cheapest, at least the one time I tried it for flight only to Gran Canaria last March. The cost to me then for two was over 600 pounds including luggage fees traveling with Monarch Airlines.

    That said you can find something cheaper than that but you have to understand that the price you see will not include any baggage fees or airport/hotel transfers which are both extra.

    I wish you luck but 200 is not a lot for a holiday.

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