Week 1 College Football win predictions?

Feel free to share who your picks are to win college football games week 1. Here are mine.

South Carolina (6) over North Carolina

Kent State over Kent State

Wake Forest over Presbyterian

Indiana over Indiana State

UNLV over Minnesota

Tulsa over Bowling Green

Illinois State over Ball State

Akron over UCF

Southern Utah over South Alabama

Connecticut over Towson

Western Carolina over Middle Tennessee

Utah over Utah State

Tulane over Jackson State

Vanderbilt over Ole Miss

San Jose State over Sacramento State

Rutgers over Fresno State

USC (24) over Hawaii

Army over Morgan State

Georgia State over Samford

Michigan State over Western Michigan

Miami (FL) over Florida Atlantic

Texas Tech over SMU

Houston over Southern U

Kansas State over ND State

Arizona over Northern Arizona

Ohio State (2) over Buffalo

Wisconsin (23) over Massachusetts

Georgia Tech over Elon

Villinova over Boston College

West Virginia over Willam&Mary

Illinois over Southern Illinois

Cincinnati over Purdue

Florida (10) over Toledo

Maryland over Florida Internat

NC State over Louisiana Tech

Texas A&M (7) over Rice

Air Force over Colgate

Oklahoma State (13) over MS State

Notre Dame (14) over Temple

Michigan (17) over Central MI

Syracuse over Penn State

Virginia over Brigham Young

Iowa over Northern IL

Oregon (3) over Nicholls State

Arkansas over LA-Lafayette

Duke over NC Central

Alabama (1) over VA Tech

Oregon State (25) over Eastern WA

Eastern MI over Howard

Tennessee over Austin Peay

Oklahoma (16) over LA-Monroe

WA State over Auburn

South Florida over McNeese State

Kentucky over Western KT

Missouri over Murray State

East Carolina over Old Dominion

Idaho over North TX

Miami (OH) over Marshall

Arkansas State over Arkansas Pine-Buff

Southern Miss over TX State

Troy over UAB

Baylor over Wofford

Clemson (8) over Georgia (5)

Texas (15) over NM State

Nebraska (18) over Wyoming

SD State over Eastern Illinois

Iowa State over Northern Iowa

NM over UTSA

LSU (12) over TCU (20)

Boise State (19) over Washington

UCLA (21) over Nevada

Northwestern over Cali

Louisville (9) over Ohio

Colorado over CO State

Florida State (11) over Pitt

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    8 years ago
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    Looks pretty decent... Kent State vs. Kent State should be pretty easy to decide on... I'll go with Kent State..... Good luck....

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    1. Yes.... I hate the big 10... its overrated 2. Ohio St. by a huge margin... pryor will kill em 3. Alabama.... penn has a true freshman at QB 4. Well they both looked good last week.... I care a little about Michigan 5. BOISE GOES UNDEFEATED!!! and then they go to the NC and play Ohio St. and win in a thriller like they did against Va Tech

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