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Will the United States go to war with Syria?

I read that Obama had no intentions of going to war, but then I also heard that he was considering a limited military strike.

I don't see any positives that could result from this. Both the rebels and Assad's regime have openly declared that they dislike us, so why would we want to help either side? And furthermore, why would we want to expose our troops to a possible chemical attack? I don't understand. Many people say the Iraq war was over oil but, to my knowledge, Syria doesn't have any oil.

I just don't understand why anyone would want us to go to war. Russia and now Iran have openly condemned the possibly of us going to war, so why don't we listen? Generally, I agree with Obama, but I simply can't fathom why he would even consider intervention. Can someone please explain it to me?

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    Yeah, we need another war like a hole in the freakin' head.

    Let them folks over there figure it out for themselves.

    It's certainly a FACT that chemical attacks are inhumane and abominable (and have been considered as such since WWI, hence a solid political excuse for large-scale engagement), but so are the never-ending and indiscriminate carpet-bombing etc.

    The ONLY politically-sustainable reason that I could imagine, this late in the game (hence the red line in the sand), is that chemical attacks (and their potential for uncontrollable escalation, in that part of the world) happen to be too close for comfort for the state of Israel to allow.

    The Assad regime, as bloodthirsty as it certainly is, must know better than to actively invite the wrath of the major world powers by using chemical weapons. ... I mean think about it: They are already committing mass murder through indiscriminate carpet-bombings, anytime and anywhere they dang please, what would they possibly gain by bringing chemical weapons into the equation?!

    The chemical attacks bear the [terrorist] signature of Al-Qaeda, if you ask me.

    The ABSOLUTE WORST thing for us, and our already sluggish economy, is to get dragged into this $h!t.




    The fact that our intelligence community (e.g. CIA, NSA etc.), that seems to be hell-bent on tapping the entire world (including our own citizens) isn't even competent enough to tell us (i.e. the government) who's REALLY behind these abominable chemical attacks!!!

    And you wanna know WHY that is??? ... Because when it comes to [quality] intelligence gathering/data, there is NO substitute for quality field agents/spies. ... You could fill buildings full of computer nerds, sitting on their butts, running your spy network all you want -- without decent field agents [the true and courageous figures of espionage, who are willing and able to do the dirty and dangerous work] the country's $h!t will always be up the creek, PERIOD.

    We The People, and our brave troops, deserve the very best in intelligence gathering --- before American Lives are committed to war.

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  • If Iraq was about oil, then we would be getting oil from Iraq right now. We do not. China is Iraq's biggest costumer. You can google - ''Iraq China oil''..and see what I mean.

    Obama said about a year ago, that if Syria's Assad used chemical weapons, on his own people, that that would be crossing a red line. Well now half of the world has been calling on the US and it's Allies, to do something. On top of this Obama is pissed at Russia's leader - Putin, for not transferring Snowden (he told the world about NSA spying on US citizens, and also spying on other countries citizens as well) back to the US for criminal charges.

    ''US Military Commanders Await Green Light for Syria Attacks''

    I know that we are going to strike Syria, I just don't know when. It could lead to war, or more terrorist attacks on Western soil. Russia and some other countries are backing Assad.

    I don't trust Obama. He knows that only 9% of Americans support Syrian intervention. The rebels we would be helping, are the same people who celebrated the terrorist attacks on 9/11. We shouldn't support people who hate us! This could come back to haunt us. I believe it will.

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    Oh yeah neither side is a good one so let's just **** the civilians who are getting killed in the cross fire.

    That is why we have to intervene. Civilians are being targeted by chemical weapons. That is what main issue is, that innocent people are being murdered. Women and children are dying in horrible ways. 'Oh but they are Arabs so let them sort it out'. What a ridiculous thing to say. We should protect the innocent in every way possible, it’s our moral responsibility to defend people who can't defend themselves. Have you seen the images lately? And you're still sitting there wondering why?

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    I'm guessing there will be a few Tomahawk missile strikes, and then we'll pretend that that somehow made a difference or "got a message across".

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    explain what? it's look like you are living in the smoke?MEDIA

    why would we want to...? for Israel, (oil,lie,Israel is American foreign policy)

    after WWII U.S. become world Hitler With this slogan " world police"

    I simply can't fathom,"you can't fathom because you are looking for FACT or TRUTH"

    by the way in the world(world people view) United States is a brainless bullies with gun.

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  • It is not just the Syrians that don't like you, nobody likes you, at least I have heard nothing to the contrary which is a terrible shame for such a great country.

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    Media news said only be there for two days i hope syria will stop wat they are doing in thw future their country is nothing but bad news there hope someday war be over

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