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How to shutdown Server via SNMP trap?

I am currently configuring a CCTV system with 4 servers. The system also includes a NetGuardian 835a G5 that monitors some temperature controls. I have the NG set up to send traps to the snmp manager I'm using when the temp reaches a certain level. The SNMP managaer (SNMPc Management Console by Castlerock) receives the traps from the NG just fine but now I need it to send a trap to my severs and make them shut down when the alarm is set off and then turn on when the temp reaches a safe level. The problem is that i cant figure out how to send the trap via the manager and I cant find which one to use. The manager has a MIB database that is extensive but lacks kind of user friendly search function. The servers (Dell Poweredge R510 running windows server 2008) are all recognized by the manager and everything is connected. My experience with this field is amateur at best and I was handed this project with the full knowledge that I don't know what I am doing. I have been researching for 4 days and only gotten this far. Any information or solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Your best bet is to call Castlerock support.

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