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Does anybody have experience with homeschooling/ online classes?

I want to try something different this school year by doing online classes. It would be the same curriculum (history, language arts, science, music, etc.) but I need to know people who have tried it. There are so many pros and cons to doing the online classes and just sticking to regular school, but I really need someone else's opinion.

So, it's not that I get bullied at school, but I never have any classes with my closest friends, so I feel like I'm never being myself. I always feel like I'm trying too hard. This, plus hours of homework that never ever gets finished, makes me get stressed out so I get frequent anxiety attacks. There are so many arrogant people at my school, and I feel like just another person in the yearbook because I don't take them as seriously as everyone else does. I feel like they bring me down with their attitude and it gets the worst of me so I snap and get in trouble. And yet, after talking to my teachers about switching classes to avoid these people, it's pretty much useless as I am always in the same classes with them.

Plus, whenever I get sick or go on vacation with my family, I get blamed for skipping from my teachers and I get a weeks worth of homework which usually never gets done due to my stress (and then my grades go down).

I feel like these online classes will help me a lot, and I figure if I still regularly hang out with my best friends and keep up with my social life, it will help bring up my grades and happiness. Please, if anyone has experience with online classes or homeschooling, leave your opinion because school starts next week and I really need this all figured out. Thanks for reading.

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    I am a master student in psychology and have done both in school and online schooling to achieve my goals. I would highly recommend the online courses. They cost less and you can have as much interaction with instructors and classmates as you need. You must be diligent when doing online courses as you must schedule your time. But, what is great, is you can login while you are any where which include being sick or on vacay. You just have to be dedicated to the process. I think it is a great alternative to school system as is. And you can get a lot farther a lot quicker. Hope this helps.

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    Online classes are good. Select a school or college that give away free laptops in this way you can also save your start up cost

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